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How to become a member

The Ghana Institution of Engineering membership is open to all Engineering Professionals, Practitioners and Service Providers in the fields of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Agricultural, Marine, Mining, Computer etc. GhIE groups its members into classes,however a member can move from one class to another after a certain period of time or after achieving a particular academic milestone.

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  • Technicians
  • Craftsmen
  • Students
  • Professional Engineers
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Engineering Service Providers(Firms)

  • 01. What do i need to register as a Professional Engineer?

    Requirement for Registration as PE (Professional Engineer):

    -Attend a Pre-examination workshop (at a Fee)

    -Complete the membership application form

    -Attach 2 passport size pictures

    -Endorsement by PE/SPE &F (any of these 2)

    -Submit a Career Report

    -After fulfilling the above, you will be invited for the professional examination once you are confirmed (at a Fee)

    -Results are released between 2-3 months after writing the exam

    -If successful, candidate gets inducted (at a Fee). If unsuccessful, candidate is given the opportunity to re-sit the examination.

  • 02. How can i register?

    Membership Registration Process:

    -Download the membership application form below

    -Complete the form (form to be endorsed by either 2 Professional Engineers or Senior Professional Engineers)

    -Attach 2 passport size pictures

    -Attach a CV

    -Attach copies of relevant academic certificates

    For persons with BSc, MSc, PhD, you will apply as a TPE (Trainee Professional Engineer).  Holder of an HND will apply as a TPET (Trainee Professional Engineering Technologist).  The same process applies to Technicians and Craftsmen. This is the entry process for a person with any of the above certificates.

    Entry Fee

    -Degree Holders (TPE)GH¢860.00

    -HND (TPET)- GH¢780.00

    -Technician- GH¢390.00

  • 03. How do i get promoted to the professional class?

    To move to the Professional Classes, one should have at least 3 years working experience after graduation.

    -TPE (Training Professional Engineer) to PE (Professional Engineer)

    -TPET (Trainee Professional Engineering Technologist) to PET (Professional Engineering Technologist)

    -TET (Trainee Engineering Technician) to ET (Engineering Technician)

    -TEC (Trainee Engineering Craftsman) to EC (Engineering Craftsman)


    NB: All membership application should be sent to membership@ghie.org.gh

    Download Registration Forms

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      Student Forms
      (PDF) 26 KB Download
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      Professional Engineer Form
      (PDF) 66 KB Download
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      Senior Professional Engineer Forms
      (PDF) 90 KB download
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      Fellow Forms
      (PDF) 56 KB download
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      Engineering Service Provider(Firm) Forms
      (PDF) 178 KB download
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      Craftsman Forms
      (PDF) 206 KB download