The Ghana Institution of Engineering was officially founded in 1968 to succeed the Ghana Group of Professional Engineers, as an autonomous professional body with no political affiliation. The Institution derives its authority from the Engineering Council Act 2011, Act 819 and the Professional Bodies Registration Decree NRCD143 of 1973. The late Ing. Dr. E. Sackey became its first President.

The GhIE Logo is formed by a perfect circle with a spur gear at the centre that is surrounded by a spider’s web. The spur gear is considered a recognizable symbol of engineering whilst the spider’s web, which is so slim and wonderfully woven to perform a function, expresses ingenuity and strength, both attributes required in engineering to solve problems of mankind. The GhIE logo also symbolises the unity of all the disciplines of engineering viz Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Agricultural, Marine, Mining, Computer, Biomedical etc The Logo remains relevant in this era of the world wide web which has transformed the practice of engineering.

By the kind courtesy of the Water Resources Research Institute, the GhIE was housed in their premises. The vision to own a building befitting the status of the GhIE was kept alive from leadership to leadership till 1997, when the GhIE became one of the first Professional bodies in Ghana to move into its own building at No.13 Continental Road, Roman Ridge, Accra. With its secretariat in place, the GhIE expanded its career development in all fields of Engineering, Management, and Education by organizing workshops, seminars, short courses and as a facilitator in research work for its members and the general public

In 1999, Women in Engineering (WINE) were grouped into a unit and charged with the responsibility among other things, of spearheading the crusade to encourage young women to consider engineering as an option. To date, WINE has performed this job creditably. The GhIE approved a new strategic plan in March 2007. No profession is as clearly linked to national development as the engineering profession. Engineers design, build, modify, re-condition, maintain and repair machines, irrigation systems, roads, bridges and provide services and countless number of other products that are indispensable to the transformation of the economy and national development. With this in mind, the GhIE is now moving forward with a renewed vision of:

Promoting Engineering Excellence for Society and a mission to:

  • Be Leaders In The Development Of Science, Engineering And Technology At All Levels Of Society.
  • Share Knowledge And Instil In The Membership, Professionalism And Ethical Practice
  • Establish Structures To Ensure Good Corporate Image Of The Institution At All Times.