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Delving into Leadership Prospects beyond Student Sphere

Delving into Leadership Prospects beyond Student Sphere

🌟 Elevate Your Leadership Potential: Unleash Excellence! 🌟

📆 Mark your calendars: *August 26th, 2023*

🚀 Are you a student leader or a tertiary student striving for exceptional leadership skills? 🌟 Join us for an inspiring leadership webinar that will catalyze your growth and empower your journey toward excellence.

🔥 Gain insights from distinguished industry leaders who have mastered the art of effective leadership. Discover how to harness your innate potential, refine your skills, and cultivate an impactful presence in any professional setting.

🎯 What Awaits You:
✅ Engaging sessions led by industry stalwarts.
✅ Unlock the key attributes that set leaders apart.
✅ Forge connections with like-minded student leaders and expand your network.
✅ Elevate your personal brand to inspire and influence.

✨ Ignite your leadership prowess and lead with unwavering confidence! ✨

*#ElevateExcellence* *#LeadershipUnleashed* *#ForgeYourFuture*
*#Youth in Engineering* 👥 *#YE-GhIE*🕸️⚙️

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Accra, Ghana