To move to the Professional Class, one should have at least 3 yrs. working experience after graduation.

·        Trainee Professional Engineer – Professional Engineer (Bsc)

·        Trainee Professional Engineer Technologist – Professional Engineer Technologist (HND)

·        Trainee Engineer Technician – Engineer Technician

·        Trainee Engineer Craftman – Engineer Craftman

Requirement for Registration as PE:

·        Fill membership form

·        Attach 2 passport size pictures

·        Endorsement by PE/SPE &F (any of these 2)

·        Career Report

·        Pre-examination workshop (at a Fee) ¢200.00

·        Examination (at a Fee) ¢350.00

·        Results are released between (2-3 months) after writing exams

·        If successful, candidate gets inducted. If unsuccessful, candidate is given the opportunity to re-sit examination.

Induction ceremony (at a Fee) ¢300.00

NB: Examination is written twice in a year; June/July and October/November


·        License to practice – Engineering Council Act, 2011 (Act 819)

·        Recognition as a Professional

·        Better future Prospects

·        Requirement by many employers

·        Free Lectures and Programs

·        Enhance your Continuous Professional Development (CPD)