Rule 1.

Purpose and scope

The purpose of these rules of procedure is to ensure that the implementation of online elections to the post of President Elect, Vice President, Technical Divisional Chairman, Regional Chairman and National Councilor of the Ghana Institution of Engineers, as determined by the Elections Committee, are in conformity with the provisions of GhIE Constitution, and that reasonable requirements concerning voting privacy, voters’ rights and secure implementation are met.

These rules of procedure shall apply to the implementation of elections for President Elect, Vice President, Technical Divisional Chairman, Regional Chairman and National Councilor in the event that polling shall be conducted online and that the electoral roll shall be electronic.

Rule 2.


In the context of these rules of procedure, the following definitions apply:

  • GhIE Members Portal: The GhIE IT systems accessible to all Corporate Members of the Institution through the use of personal identification.
  • Online voting system: Software used to manage and implement an election. The system is divided into identification, voting, and vote counting components. The system is stored within Members Portal.
  • Electoral Roll: A list of Corporate Members in Goodstanding
  • Electronic ballot: A ballot displayed to voters through the interface of the online voting system, showing the candidates for which the election is being organized.
  • Online election: An election where voting takes place exclusively online through GhIE Members Portal.
  • Identification: Methods used to confirm the identity of voters. Each voter has a personal username and password.

Rule 3.

Role of the Election Committee.

  1. The GhIE Council shall appoint an Elections Committee. The Election Committee shall be made up of; the Immediate Past President, a corporate Member in Good Standing and a nominee of the GhIE Secretariat (preferably from the IT section). The Committee’s task is to oversee the compilation of the electoral rolls, determine the election period, manage the holding of the election, rule on appeals concerning the election.
  2. The election Committee determines the arrangements for the election; prepares for elements such as the format and creation of electronic ballots and the counting of votes; manages its implementation; reviews the results of the vote counts and confirms the result of the election.

Rule 4.

Preparation of the election.

  1. When the GhIE Council has appointed an elections Committee, the Committee shall further determine polling arrangements. Online elections shall be conducted in accordance with these rules of procedure.

Rule 5.

The roles of the GhIE Secretariat.

  1. The GhIE Secretariat shall manage the preparation of electoral rolls. They shall prepare an electronic electoral roll in accordance with the provisions of these rules of procedure.
  2. In accordance with the instructions of the Election Committee, secretariat shall handle the implementation of online elections, including identification of voters, confirmation of the right to vote, management of the online voting system, counting of votes and summary of election results.

Rule 6.

Implementation and arrangement.

  1. In order to take part in an online election, the voter’s name must appear on an electoral roll. Voters must satisfactorily identify themselves before voting can take place.
  2. The Election Committee and those GhIE Secretariat staff who have access to the online voting system and unauthorized parties are unable to  (i) access information on how a certain voter voted, (ii) change the vote. Any attmpt at (I &ii) above will be flagged by the system.
  3. Polling shall begin at 10am on the 14th day prior to the Annual General Meeting Date and close at 10am on the Annual General Meeting date (polling period). The Election Committee’s advertisement of the election on the GhIE website, in Members Portal and elsewhere (as determined by the Election Committee) must indicate the polling period.

Rule 7.

The online voting system.

  1. The online voting system is owned by the Ghana Institution of Engineers and managed by the GhIE Secretariat. The system may be divided into identification, voting, and vote counting components.
  2. The identification component includes an interface for voters through which they identify themselves.
  3. The voting component confirms that the voter appears on the electoral roll, and includes an interface for voters through which they cast their vote.
  4. The vote counting component includes an interface for processing votes cast, i.e. counting and statistical summary.
  5. Information shall be published in Members Portal detailing the workings of the online voting system.
  6. An events log shall be maintained detailing the operation and use of the online voting system.

Rule 8.

Electronic Electoral roll.

  1. The GhIE Secretariat shall issue an electronic electoral roll for use in online Council elections, as determined by the Election Committee. To be included on the electoral roll, voters must be corporate members in goodstanding.
  2. The electoral roll shall be made accessible on the Members Portal. Complaints must be submitted to the Election Committee not later than 14 days prior to election period; the election Committee shall rule on these no later than 7 days before election day.
  3. The electronic electoral roll shall give the names and GhIE Membership numbers of voters; this must be separate from the voting component of the system.

Rule 9.

Identification and the right to vote.

  1. Before voters can cast their votes in the Council elections, they must identify themselves in the online voting system. The right to vote shall be confirmed by ascertaining that the voter appears on the electronic electoral roll.
  2. Voters shall use the login system in Members Portal to identify themselves.

Rule 10.

The polling process.

  1. After voters have identified themselves, they may cast an electronic vote in the online voting system, either on their own computer or on any computer connected to the internet, or in a specific location at the GhIE Secretariat or Conference Venue.
  2. Voters shall cast their votes in private, or in such a way that others do not see how they vote.
  3. When the ballot has been filled in, voters must identify themselves again in order to cast the vote.
  4. The election Committee determines and ensures that voters may cast their votes in a specific location at the GhIE Secretariat, where the necessary equipment is available and technical assistance can be provided. The Election Committee is responsible for ensuring that voters are able to cast their votes in private at this location.

Rule 11.

Prohibited to vote more than once.

  1. Whilst polling is underway, voters who have already cast their votes shall not vote again. The Voting System is designed to prevent multiple voting

Rule 12.

Electronic ballots.

  1. The Election Committee shall have electronic ballots prepared for each category of position available.
  2. Electronic ballots shall be designed in such a way that voters are able to cast a blank vote to indicate that they support none of the candidates.

Rule 13.
Secret ballot.

  1. Voting privacy must be ensured, such that votes cannot be traced back to individual voters. It is not possible to link a voter with a certain vote in the online voting system.
  2. The GhIE Council shall appoint an independent party to review the security of the system and ensure security whilst the election is underway.

Rule 14.

Vote counting and handling of data after the election.

  1. When polling is complete, votes shall be counted and results compiled in the vote counting component of the online voting system.
  2. The Election Committee shall ensure that the results of the election are accessible to voters and the general public.

Rule 15.

Transparency and supervision.

Information on the technical setup and implementation of the elections must be accessible in Members Portal.


  1. Log on to the Portal with your GhIE Number and unique password (for how to log on to the portal refer to appendix 1)
  2. Click on election Centre on the home page
  3. Select GhIE 2016 Elections
  4. Select preferred choices from the options provided and click next to continue (do same for all options provided)
  5. At the end of the voting process, you will be asked to confirm your selection. If you approve your selections, click Yes if not click No
  6. Submit your ballot and wait for the declaration of the results after the elections.

Appendix 1


  1. Visit
  2. Click on Request for new password
  3. Enter your GhIE Membership ID number and Click Send Password Reset Link
  4. Check your email (registered with the GhIE) for an email from Portal Administrator ( and open it.
  5. In the mail, click on “Click on this link to RESET it!”
  6. In the page that will open, Kindly enter and confirm your New Password.
  7. Click on change Password.
  8. Kindly return to home page to access the portal.