The Engineering Excellence Awards, Ghana (EEA)

Many Engineering and Non-Engineering professionals working in both the public and private sectors of Ghana continue to play important roles in shaping our environment and promoting sustainable development. These professionals need to be appreciated for their efforts and contributions in maintaining the integrity of good engineering practice amidst competing development interest and challenging situations.

The EEA of GhIE has been established to reflect on and recognize the valuable contributions that individuals and organizations make, to inspire their continued involvement and those of others, and to promote the key role of the engineering profession in public life. It recognizes valuable contributions and extraordinary performance in all aspects of the engineering profession and a strong awareness of the profession among related professions, all sectors and the general public. The EEA is a prestigious event with an increasingly significant interest among members and the public. The 2016 EEA was held on 12th November 2016 at the Engineers Centre, Accra. Winners received a specially designed award and citation of recognition to mark their achievements. The ceremony profiled the work of winners to promote lesson sharing and information on good and interesting practice. The Award Event was appreciably supported by kind sponsorship from GHANA PORTS AND HARBOURS AUTHORITY, GHANA WATER COMPANY LIMITED, ELECTRICITY COMPANY OF GHANA, NEWMONT GHANA, GOLDFIELDS GHANA LIMITED AND GHACEM.